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Field Vac® TC-200

• Promotes a clean and healthy
environment for your alpacas, horses, emus, etc...

• Help eliminate the damaging
effects of waste on ground cover.

• Transport manure easily.

• Simple, one person operation.

• Large 200 gallon capacity.

• Power assist tilt for easy unloading & clean out.


Go anywhere… clean anything

The Field Vac® is a versatile, large capacity, portable vacuum that can be used for a wide variety of maintenance and clean up needs. Keep your property neat and clean without the hassle and back breaking use of rakes, stall forks, shovels and wheelbarrows. The Field Vac® is great for cleaning up a variety of animal manure such as horse, alpaca, emu… and even elephant. The Field Vac® can be used for cleaning out old mulch and leaves from landscaping beds, trash and liter from parks, animal manure from fields and stalls… the applications and terrain are practically unlimited.

Check out the Product Page for more detailed information on the Field Vac® TC-200.